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Thanks to beautiful Eile Monty ( who contributed vocals as Queen Chrysalis for this song!

This is the third track from our latest album "Party Plane" and one of our most popular in Europe. The album was released in Eastern Europe on the 18th of April and internationally on the 2nd of July 2014.

'Hive' was performed by: - Eile Monty - vocals - Falk - vocals - dəep - guitars - Andy Feelin - bass guitar, drum programming Mixed by Alexey Kalinkin

Music/lyrics: dəep

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We've been lurking in these shades for so long, But I'm working and quite soon they'll be gone My changelings now's the time for revenge And I'm saying: rush inside and change!

Hive! Now you're freee to feed! I've satisfied your need!

Been starving, seen no love for so long But Queen's carving on her way and she's strong She's leading - we are following her Love's bleeding, ponies - give us more!

Queen! We're at your command! We're fighting to the end!

We thank all the artists responsible for the great images we've used in the slideshow. Unfortunately, it's been almost impossible to find them, so if you see a masterpiece of yours and would like to be mentioned here - please write!

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